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About us is a marketing platform and online classifieds marketplace for Truck Dealers and Truck Leasing Companies Only. Our services are marketing your small, medium or franchise dealership. Our platform is dedicated to promoting your inventory in different channels such as Videos, Banners, Social Media, Search Ads, and search platforms. We reach thousands of customers with business mobile ideas or in need of specialty trucks. Our website is certified with Search Engines. Dealers will get their sales leads directly at no extra charge. Our website has been designed for Regular and Specialty Trucks only not trucks, to fit your advertising needs as a truck dealer or leasing company.

Our mission is to have Buyers/Viewers experience the Solution to their Truck Purchase in One Place finding vendors such as financing, Insurance, Inspection, and logistic companies.

Our buyers will experience with us:

  • Excellent Truck Shopping Experience in One Place.
  • A Real-Time Mobile Web App.
  • At your fingertip, Browsing Thousands of Listings from Dealerships and Leasing Companies Nationwide to choose from for your Business or Mobile Idea.
  • Fast-Loading inventory.
  • User-Friendly and Customized for your Search.
  • High-Quality Vehicle Display Pages.