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Best Mobile Business Ideas to Launch in 2020

Best Mobile Business Ideas to Launch in 2020

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Best Mobile Business Ideas to Launch in 2019

One of the hottest trends in new businesses in 2019 is mobile companies. Mobile companies can be businesses on wheels, mobile app development, and items related to mobile lifestyles.

Many of these are easy to start businesses that require less capital than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.  The American Mobile Retail Association, a mobile business trade group, estimates the cost of starting a mobile retail business at $18,999, which includes buying and customizing your vehicle and forming your new company.

mobile business ideas
Best Mobile Business Ideas

Other business operating expenses will include inventory, fuel, insurance, the point of sale credit card readers and advertising costs. I recommend Quickbooks Gopayment mobile card reader – read my review.

True starting a mobile business is not the cheapest way to launch your own company. But you save substantial amounts of money on reducing operating costs, such as rent, employees, and expensive signage.


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Mobile businesses enjoy the flexibility of no set location, so they can go where the customer demand is. Today’s consumer demands convenience and ease of purchase, which is a mobile business can offer.

The growing digital economy has shifted entire marketplaces online, however, many businesses still want a place to sell products and services in person and be part of their local community. These companies that operate out of trucks have a special appeal of being able to go directly to the customer and leave a memorable impression.


Best Mobile Business Ideas for 2019


old-fashioned barbershop how the hipster appeal for their vintage style and this is an excellent choice for a mobile startup. Marketing promotions can include parking in office complexes for lunchtime cuts and also being on-site for weddings and other special events. Check out this retro mobile barbershop in Australia.

mobile mens salon

Vintage clothing store

because of the high cost of rent, and the specialized demand for vintage clothing a mobile shop could be very profitable and fun. This company, New York’s 1st, and the only mobile vintage shop have a schedule of locations and hours posted on their website so that customers can find them easily.




Nail manicure truck

mobile salons have become a huge trend in California. These luxurious and pretty vehicles go directly to the customer for on the go manicures. This former accountant got the idea for her French-inspired nail truck while ordering her lunch from the food truck. Now her bright pink airstream trailer advertises her services in San Francisco and San Jose, California.


mobile nail salon business


Moving service for local and office moves

Headquartering your moving business in the truck is a brilliant concept since you already have the truck and are using it for your services. Since you have no need for an office, nor an expensive downtown storefront you can invest more heavily in advertising and marketing to increase your customer base.

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Mobile billboard business

Local businesses love to hire mobile billboard trucks because of the advantages over stationery billboards, such as the ability to change locations and eye-catching electronic animated ads in full color.

Personal Fitness Training and Mobile Gyms

this business opportunity could focus on children’s active play, such as the GIT Fit Mobile or the time-pressed business executive and even boxing enthusiasts. You are only limited by your imagination.

mobile gym business





Even with giant online competition such as Amazon and e-books, the independent bookstore continues to be an important community asset. Your mobile book truck can be driven to community events, farmers markets, and begin to sell your books.  This successful mobile bookstore in Los Angeles was created after two writers were inspired by the culture of food trucks.



Coffee shop

perhaps you’ve always dreamed of opening up a charming coffee shop but could not find the right location nor the substantial funding required. Opening a mobile could be the perfect solution for you that is both lower cost and location independent. You don’t even have to have a truck, some profitable coffee businesses operate out of carts and bikes at festivals and outdoor venues. Another revenue source could be conferences, trade shows, farmers markets, and other indoor events.


Bike Repair Service

As more people use bicycles for the main form of transportation. The demand for repairs, tune-ups, tire changes, and accessory installations is growing. Your customers will appreciate your mobile bike services because they do not have to transport their bicycle to your shop. Additionally, you could offer bike restoration and vintage bike collector services. Check out this successful mobile bike service in Memphis, TN.

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